2001-2002 trade on the french stocks market
2002 open mataf.net
2003 try to sell my trading signals…
2003 …after 3 months, nobody wants to buy my signals. Stop the stock market and start the forex.
2003 – 2005 more and more visitors
2006 work at Synthesis Bank (now Saxo Switzerland) as head of webmarketing…
2007 …but I prefer to work on my website
2008 my wife comes to work with me
2009 FXCM become the only advertiser on mataf
2010 We launch the iPhone App of Mataf

Why Mataf.net ?

Mataf is here, it’s a hut on Amsterdam Island. I lived there during 1 year in 2000.

Wow ! this is the most fantastic hut in the world
This is Mataf

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