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Mobile market share on Last month for the first time I had more visitors from an android…

Mobile market share on

Last month for the first time I had more visitors from an android platform than iPhone on . IOS (iPhone+iPad) is still the most important platform but the growth of Android is huge. Mobile platforms represents now 16.7% of visitors.

Between July and november 2012 I observed a drop in mobile visitors (more important on iPhone than Android). The growth resumed after the 24th of december. 

For the end of 2013 I expect a bounce of mobile visitors above 20%

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[mobile applications] The gold rush is well and truly over

The Sparrow Problem

Given the incredible progress and innovation we’ve seen in mobile apps over the past few years, I’m not sure we’re any worse off at a macro-economic level, but things have definitely changed and Sparrow is the proverbial canary in the coal mine. The age of selling software to users at a fixed, one-time price is coming to an end. It’s just not sustainable at the absurdly low prices users have come to expect. Sure, independent developers may scrap it out one app at a time, and some may even do quite well and be the exception to the rule, but I don’t think Sparrow would have sold-out if the team — and their investors — believed they could build a substantially profitable company on their own. The gold rush is well and truly over.

French are productive people

Work better, work less and live a real life after work

French: The Most Productive People In The World

Think about it. Nationmaster ranks France as #18 in terms of GDP per capita, at $36,500 per person, yet France works much less than most developed nations. They achieve their high standard of living while working 16% less hours than the average world citizen, and almost 25% than their Asian peers as per UBS. Plus, if you visit France you’ll also realize that their actual standard of living is probably much higher than GDP numbers would indicate.

Thus, if one were to divide France’s GDP per capita by actual hours worked, you’d probably find that the French are achieving some of the highest returns on work-hours invested.

Tracking Twitter Links in Analytics

Very interesting post about Twitter’s url shortener. I realised that twitter sends me less than 100 visitors per day with more than 12000 followers on the account @forex. It’s certainly because I’m not really active on twitter, all the update are automatic.

Twitter’s link shortening service is game changing – here’s why

Yesterday the Distilled site received fewer direct visits than any Wednesday out of the last 6 months. What caused this dramatic drop in direct traffic? Did we screw something up? Was our site down or unavailable?

None of these things happened. What happened was Twitter rolled out their new URL shortener. When I first heard that Twitter was doing this I must admit I didn’t really see what the big deal was and largely ignored the news. But let’s take a quick look at our analytics for the past month…

ee how is showing up as one of our referrers? What this effectively does is provide Twitter as a referral source. Which is huge. This is game changing!


the end of the Euro

I wouldn’t bet on the Euro by Richard Branson

My Chief Executive Stephen Murphy sent me a note today predicting a major weakening of the dollar. He may well be right. But will people move their money to the Euro? I wouldn’t bet on the Euro unless Germany/France do the right thing, stop dithering and take decisive action once and for all to secure the long term future of Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Unique Visitors

This is the number of unique visitors on since july 2007. The number of visitors is growing naturally but I can improve or deteriorate the trend with my SEO experimentation!

I work on a new SEO improvement for next year, I hope it won’t be a mistake 🙂

Portal or Community

There was an interesting discussion on Forexmagnates between Asaf from currensee and Francesc from Fxstreet

I can’t imagine why anyone would ever compare Forex Factory to FXStreet. (…)
Forex Factory is merely an economic calendar and a commercial forum for the brokers to “socialize” their marketing through.

I totally agree, Forex Factory is run by marketers and brokers 95% of the content/post their is produced by brokers and their army of in-house sales teams and IB’s.

Guys, you have to be fair to Forex Factory. 95% of the posts aren’t by brokers/sales teams.

Francesc Riverola
For one time I can not agree with you Asaf.
I agree that FF has been a pioneer in the FX industry along FXS. The site has reached a tipping point that I can not understand the retail Forex industry without it. (…)
I do not know why he rather to be behind the scene…, my policy has always been being in front of the scene and being in contact with our users to listen to them and to help them, but I think his strategy or way of doing things is as good or as bad as mine.

(…) if you look at all the senior members in FF you’d see that they have their own site and they either sell signals, have a chatroom, or manage money. FF is a very fertile ground that nurtures fraud in this market not because they are bad people but because of the nature of the market and the lack of transparency (…)
FF was probably a great solution 5 or 10 years ago when the market just started, these days it’s absolutely the wrong solution and a negative force in this market

Francesc Riverola
it is not just a problem for FF but for most of existent Forex site. This even affects us as when you accept articles/research/opinion from 3rd parties and you do not audit their track record, unfortunate from time to time you get very bad surprises.

The best we can do is to work together as people who care about this industry and join forces while being considerate to our own businesses because the expansion of this market is largely depends on the ability to weed out some of the scammers that operate in it

This is why Mataf is still a personal website and why I don’t promote the forum and news from third parties. I prefer to work on my own content!