IG applied for the .forex domain name

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has opened up new Internet domain names. Now you can buy the generic top level domain (gTLD) you want as .blabla, .forexticket and of course .forex
The new gTLD applcation window opened on 12 january and closed on 30 may 2012. Today the ICANN revealed the list of the gTLD that were applied.

In the list you can find:

  • .forex applied by IG Group
  • .cfd applied by IG Group
  • .trading applied by IG Group
  • .broker applied by IG Group
  • .saxo applied by saxobank

The fees are 185’000$ for the registration and it will cost $25’000 per year and per gTLD.

2 thoughts on “IG applied for the .forex domain name”

  1. also IG applied for .markets .spreadbetting and .nadex
    so 7 in total worth about $1.3m, Arnaud you think these domains are really worth it?

  2. Yes it can be interesting, it shows that this broker is important and it could help to bring more clients. In the future it also could be a strong help with SEO.
    It cost now $1.3m but “only” $175’000 per year after. I imagine that it’s not an important marketing budget.

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