is now available in 51 languages

Last month I changed the homepage and I wrote

This is the first step of the most important move since Mataf exists.

And today, after weeks and weeks of work, I have pushed a version of Mataf in 51 languages. I have several motivations in this project:

  • The first motivation is the technical challenge. was designed for 6 languages. It was hard coded. I re-wrote most of the functions and files to accept an illimited number of languages. And Yes, I’m very happy because it works!
  • I also wanted to open Mataf to the Asian market. I know that most of traders in Asia speaks english but I also know that most of people prefers to read in their mother tongue. I think I can have more visitors from Asia than Europe. I was conforted in that idea when I read the interview of Drew Niv (CEO of FXCM)

Well, traditionally FXCM has been very strong in Asian countries. Actually our Asian business is bigger than our North American business; over 45% of our clients come from Asia. We have a hugh presence in Asia

  • Saxo Bank seems to have an important number of clients in Russia, Arabia and Greece… And now, I offer those languages!

  • I have to found a new leverage to increase the number of visitors on Mataf.

My target is to double the number of visitors on Mataf in one year. Last month, which was an excellent month, I had 1.430M visits, 4.475 M pageviews and 0.93 M unique visitors. In May 2011 I expect arround 3M visits, 10M pageviews and 2M unique visitors. This is my impossible challenge 🙂

The translation is not perfect but I will improve that point in the next months…

6 thoughts on “ is now available in 51 languages”

  1. Hi Arnaud,

    This is what i get wben i go to your homepage (dutch language)

    Warning: include(/home/dauranuk/domains/ [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/dauranuk/domains/ on line 16

    Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘/home/dauranuk/domains/’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/dauranuk/domains/ on line 16

    Then the template is algined left.

  2. Nice work. Which software are you using for the translation as it does not seem to be Google translation

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