What you should know about Forexticket?

This year ForexTicket/Mataf will be a 10 years old website. It’s a good reason to have a look in the past and to imagine the future.

During the last 10 years Mataf was my playground. I worked with search engine optimization, online marketing, community management, creating orginal content… I think Mataf was unique in the forex space, most of the trading tools were done before for my personal trading. I developed content I didn’t find somewhere else. And it worked very well, last year I welcomed almost 1 million unique visitors per month in january and march.

The number of visitors was enough strong to take a risk without endangering the future of the site. I decided to build a brand, as the domain name mataf.com was not for sale I completely changed the brand name for ForexTicket. I was aware that this change could drop the number of visitors.

And the number of visitors dropped by 30%. But, thanks Internet’s God, the fall was stabilized and 2012 started -very- well.

Forexticket is a worldwide website. Europe represents more than 50% of the whole visits but Asia (Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India…) become more important every week.

The mobile version of Forexticket is growing very fast. In december more than 6% of visits are from a smartphone or a tablet and I could reach 7 or 8 percent in january.

So, today we have a new brand, the website should recover all its visitors in the following months. We are strong on mobile and web.

And tomorrow we will be better on mobile and I will try to enhance the brand. We have one distinct website per country, ready to be compliant with all the regulations… And to become an independant broker! … okay, it’s probably a joke, I didn’t plan to transform ForexTicket as a forex broker, I lack some skills and motivation to do that.

7 thoughts on “What you should know about Forexticket?”

  1. I just want to appreciate the good work you are doing. I always use your website to confirm my daily positions because i have limited tools to trade with. but ever since i discover your website i graduated from been a news trader into 80% technical trader. This i know because price moves in technical levels and not that fundamentals dictates the technicals. I just want to say thank you. Perhaps you can start a forex school online with a small price tag especially during the close of the european session. I really want to learn more from you because if u realise you will know that market moves after you update your analysis and sometime to come thousands of traders will follow your alerts and you become a formidable personality that can make things happen. Thanks and God bless you sir, more power to your elbow.

  2. congratulations Arnaud, you deserve it!
    the joke was funny btw 🙂 it does make sense in some way though 🙂

  3. Yes it make sense… To be completely honest I regularly study the opportunity to become a broker and I always put the file to the trash. It’s an other job than produce content

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